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Rotary Club of Carbondale

During Carbondale Halloween tons of events are put on to keep the crowds entertained. One of these is the Rotary Club sponsored Pumpkin Race. We were hired on to help out with the event, which included graphic design and event logo, promo video and sponsorship sheets and flyers leading up to the event, and then help during the event with photo and video work.

Graphic Design

Examples of graphic design work done for the event, an event flyer for promotion, and a sponsorship sheet for bringing in potential sponsors. Both feature the logo and branding to be created for the event.


Despite the rain on the day of, the pumpkin race was to go on. We at SAL helped with the setup for the event, as well as documenting everything through photo and video. Even though it got a little soggy out there, our team worked hard to create the deliverables needed for the client.

The promo video we created to build up excitement for the event!

For the winners of each prospective race, we filmed and cut together a video to document their win, and also took a photo of the winner with one of the sponsors of the race. This is one of the examples.

Photo Gallery

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