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Everyone loves pizza, including Saluki AdLab. So when a very popular local pizza restaurant asked us for help with social media and content, we jumped at the chance to lend our skills and maybe get some pizza in the process.

Social Media

If pictures of cheesy pizza don't make you hungry, we're not sure what will, because so far it's been working for Quatro's! We run the Quatro's social media accounts with gusto and cheese writing the content, staging and shooting the pictures, and helping our client to bring in even more hungry people to eat their delicious pizza (we're hungry now just thinking about it).


TikTok is a rising platform, and of course we are on top of it. Quatro's has an account, starring the writing and acting of SAL members, as well as the directing and shooting by our team. We keep this account running smoothly and bringing in customers!


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