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City of Carbondale

The City of Carbondale is our earliest client. We've been running their social media pages, putting on events (take a look at Carbondale Halloween here), and creating graphics for them for quite a while now, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here's just a small sampling of the wide variety of things we do to help out our city government.

Social Media

We run the City's social media platforms like it's our job. Probably because it is. From Facebook and Instagram, to even a TikTok, we've been writing social media plans for our city government, going out and getting the content to post, and tracking the engagement of our posts to keep people up to date as effectively as we can.

Featuring all the good things going on around Carbondale help to keep everyone excited about how our city is expanding and improving.

Fun segments like pet features and cooking TikToks help to show the fun sides of Carbondale, and help to interact with the people of the city by getting them to send in content they would like to see. 

Graphic design & Event promotion

Things are always popping in Carbondale, meaning there's a lot of event promotion and graphic design needed to promote those events, such as flyers or signs. We get all this done for the City, and provide additional help for events when we are needed.

Whether it's a flyer for an event or a graphic for posting on social media SAL is there to create it make it pop!


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