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Carbondale Elementary School

Carbondale Elementary school approached us with the task of branding their new strategic plan. They asked us to make a logo for the plan, as well as come up with a color palette and fonts to be used while making presentations. After finalizing all of those designs, they asked us for help redoing their district logo as well as graphics advertising their new strategic plan to put up around the schools.

Strategic Plan Branding

They asked, and we delivered! The overall theme for their strategic plan was "Navigating today's learners for tomorrow's success.", so we took this concept and brought it into their logo. They asked for a modern logo with a simple but clever concept to communicate the goals of their strategic plan, mainly to parents and educators. We provided them with fonts, colors and these final logos to use for the rollout of their new plan.

A graphic to go up in elementary schools in school district #95 to communicate the goals of the new strategic plan and expressing the values the district wants to stress in their schools. 

District Logo Design

Examples of graphic design work done for the event, an event flyer for promotion, and a sponsorship sheet for bringing in potential sponsors. Both feature the logo and branding to be created for the event.


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