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The Carbondale Holiday Tournament was an exciting event, especially in its hay day during the 90s. High schools from the surrounding areas of Carbondale boasting big rivalries with one another, came together to compete in a holiday tournament. Since then, they have had problems with how to keep bringing in people. We were asked to come up with an overall marketing strategy for the event itself. This included social media platforms and posting, a new event logo, promotional materials such as posters, and a website for information on the tournament. Check it out here.

Logo Design

The tournament had never had an actual logo or branding to make it noticeable, so we came up with a color palette and a logo to help define their event. We made this logo to be a fun and energetic sports logo to grab the attention of sports fans.

PRomo materials

Posters and flyers were made to hang up around the schools and local businesses to advertise the upcoming event. 

Social media

We were also in charge of coming up with a social media plan and content for posting as the tournament got closerThis helped to build hype around the event and made the community aware of how the tournament would function. These posts included throwback pictures, introduction of the teams, and a bracket reveal.

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